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Oilfields Mines Hurricanes
dir. Fabian Altenried / Germany, Iceland 2014 / 122’
subtitles: Polish and English


Kristof Gerega, Rúnar Lund, Mortiz Altenried, Hanne Bohmhammel

Film description

An absurd journey that, unlike the typical road movie, does not lead to building the main character’s identity but to its deconstruction. This poetic experiment – the screenplay was inspired by the structure of a song by John Cage that is to be played over the course of centuries on an Organ²/ASLSP (As SLow aS Possible) – was written by dozens of individual artists from the Schuldenberg Foundation collective. Salpa, with his beard in a rubber band, drives his car through an incomprehensible but alluring world. Moving through monochromatic, minimalistic landscapes, he gets increasingly further from the Icelandic glacier from where he set out, and he is delighted by a story he hears about a flock of birds that froze in the air and fell to the ground. His goal is to reach Halberstadt, where Cage’s work, to be played over the course of 639 years, continues. We get to experience Salpa’s story, drifting, as he himself is, among images and sounds, freed from the rigors of a plot, from the relationship between cause and effect.   

Agnieszka Szeffel  

Information about director

Fabian Altenried

(1987) studied art at the Dusseldorf Art Academy and philosophy and literature at Humboldt University in Berlin from 2007 until 2013. His complex artistic practice includes video and film, performances, texts and installations. Since 2012 he is a member of the Schuldenberg Foundation, a collective that makes movies and other multimedia projects. Oilfields Mines Hurricanes is his first feature film and part of the collective project The Salpa-Tales. Altenried lives and works in Berlin and London.


2014 Oilfields Mines Hurricanes

Cast & Crew

director: Fabian Altenried
screenplay: Fabian Altenried, Kristof Gerega, Moritz Altenried/Hanne Bohmhammel, Claudia Barth/Wanda Koller, Samuel Eschmann, Henning Fehr/Philipp Rühr, Lee Fükke, Kristof Gerega, Philipp Guhr, Anne-Kathrin Heier, Daeng Khamlao, Mareike Lisker, Sandra Man, Rita Mcbride, Octave Pero, Sebastian Seidler
cinematography: Smina Bluth
editing: Fabian Altenried, Kristof Gerega
music: Victor Tricard
cast: Kristof Gerega, Rúnar Lund, Mortiz Altenried, Hanne Bohmhammel
producer: Philipp Käßbohrer, Fabian Atenried, Kristof Gerega
production: BTF, Schuldenberg Foundation
sales: BTF
language: English, German, Icelandic
colouration: colour
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