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Thursday, 24 July

10 pm - Resident DJ: Romek Rege

11 pm – 1 am Karol Aleksander

Karol Aleksander is actually Karol Byra – DJ and producer from Tomaszów Lubelski, who currently lives and works in Rzeszów. He nurtures the warm sounds of vinyl records while promoting various flavors of house and disco. Acclaimed as a quality producer by many club and radio DJs in Poland, his singles, released on Velcro City Records, can be heard on many radio stations.

1 am – 3 am Resident DJ: Romek Rege


Friday, 25 July

10 pm – 11 pm Resident DJ: Filip na Bosaka

11 pm – 1 am Wachu – T-Mobile Music

Wachu, i.e. Michał Wachowiak has played on the scene since 2004. In 2003, he began collaborating with Adam Kołaciński and his cult show – Nocny Trans, which hugely influenced his musical development. In his first period of fascination, he was faithful to drum&bass, but his later musical oeuvre is much richer – he also plays breakbeat and tech house sets. Along with DJ Dub, Wachu created the D&W Competition project. In 2005-2007, they hosted their radio show about dance music on the Student "Żak" Radio and currently often play together on the same bill.

1 am – 3 am Ptaki

These experienced DJs and producers from Warsaw are also known for their solo work. They debuted under the Ptaki (Birds) moniker in the spring of 2014 as part of the increasingly popular album The Very Polish Cut-Outs. Their two edits – “Krystyna” and “Marek” – made it onto the label’s vinyl sampler. The record was quickly snapped up and currently achieves high prices among collectors while also being a bestseller on juno.co.uk and the respected London record store Phonica. Their edits have been on the playlists of DJs such as Eddie C, Jose Padilla, Mixmaster Morris, Tycho, Sleazy Beats, Young Adults. Their sets offer a broad spectrum of dance music: disco, house, boogie, techno, tropical music, as well as tidbits of dub, reggae, balearic and downright beautiful songs. In addition to having played all the clubs in Poland’s largest cities, they have toured in Moscow, Berlin, and London.


Saturday - 26 July

10 pm – 3 am Hear Me – Silent Party

Saturday 26 July will be the Silent Party as part of the semi-finals of the European DJ competition Hear Me. The ABSOLUT Hear Me is a P-ART-Y – an event that lets participants experience something special during a party that is only seemingly quite normal. On their headphones participants get to choose one of three channels, each of which is connected to a different DJ console. The DJ that gets the largest audience combined with votes of the jury (who judge technique, selection, dynamics, mix creativity, and audience interaction) will be the winner. This year’s jury includes the duet Flirtini - Ment XXL and Jedynak, Maciek Prorok from Pioneer DJ.


Sunday, 27 July

22.00 – 11 pm Resident DJ Romek Rege

11 pm – 1 am Kim Ann Foxman

Kim Ann Foxman is a special NY resident who has played all the world’s stages – at least those ranging from Shanghai to Detroit, Ibiza to Sidney. Each original and moving set tells her personal story and garners a growing number of fans. Kim Ann is exceptional as a DJ, but also as a person, an individuality reflected in her music that blends hot rhythms with classic house. She has worked with many club artists; her cooperation with Maya Jane Coles (“Burning Bright”) was one of the biggest musical events of 2013. Foxman’s high DJ ranking is confirmed by her projects with Nick Simoncino and The XX.

1 am – 3 am Resident DJ: Romek rege


Monday, 28 July

10 pm – 11 pm Resident DJ: Fly

11 pm -  1 am Kixnare

Krakow-based producer and DJ Kixnare’s (aka Łukasz Maszczyński) hip-hop roots underpin his musical evolution, which means he is influenced by nearly every kind of good music. He has worked with many better- or lesser-known figures of the Polish hip-hop scene, but his “Class of 90's” project (2007) fixed his name on the list of Poland’s most creative producers. Since then he has boldly honed his production skills to increasingly include experiments with electronics. As of 2010, he has been on Poland’s U Know Me Records, where he released two albums, “Digital Garden" (2010) and “Red" (2013).

1 am - 3 am  Axiom / Archive DJ set

Axiom is the result of cooperation between the Spanish NYSU film collective and the British group Archive. Director Jesus Hernandez shot a dystopic and unsettling film in seven sections based on cuts from the band’s latest record: “Distorted Angels,” “Axiom,” “Baptism,” “Transmission Data Terminate,” “The Noise of Flames Crashing,” “Shiver” and “Axiom, (Reprise),” which musicians Darius Keeler and Danny Griffiths will mix during a DJ set at Arsenal after the film screening on 28 July. The film will be screened twice: 27 and 28 July at 10 pm.


Tuesday, 29 July

10 pm – 11 pm Resident DJ: Filip na Bosaka

11 pm – 1 am Jazxing

Two Gdansk DJ’s make up Jazxing – Matt “Jackin” Filipiuk & Jacques “Voguing” Sautycz, who, after meeting regularly at parties, decided their tastes in music were similar enough to start making music together. They claim, “we try not to set limits because we are in fact inspired by many things – it’s difficult to define our style.” They favor clean classical house that they cross with alternative and disco.

1 am – 3 am Resident DJ Filip na Bosaka


Wednesday, 30 July

10 pm – 11 pm Resident DJ: Fly

11 pm – 1 am Invent

The 24 year-old producer, DJ and turntablist is a graduate of Ibiza’s Burn Studios.
He began as a 14 year-old turntablist who was recognized at Poland’s official ITF DJ Championships and the Turntable Contest; his exceptional technique and trick mixing remain his trademarks. Invent’s sets combine the freshest electronica, house, hip-hop and disco. He gained his experience at numerous Polish festivals and abroad (Great Britain, France, Denmark, Ibiza). His productions are mainly based on analog synths, drum machines, samplers and exquisite samples off records.

1 am – 3 am Resident DJ: Fly


Thursday, 31 July

10 pm – 3 am Resident DJ: Romek Rege

Romek Rege - DJ, musician, journalist – a figure familiar to Wrocław club heads for many years now. He’s packed dance floors practically from the first beats he drops with sets that offer tons of new cuts from the alt dance scene as well as plenty of evergreen old school slices.


Friday, 1 August

10 pm – 11 pm Resident DJ: Filip na Bosaka

11 pm – 1 am  Rebeka

Rebeka is a rare, wild and unpredictable Polish duo consisting of Iwona Skwarek and Bartek Szczęsny. They produce a mix of experimental pop and electronica expressed through compositions that range from dynamic, sometimes lyrical but always feisty. The musicians blend the toy sounds of Casio keys with analog synths. Rebeka is, above all, an amazing voice and natural stage charisma. Their first album “Hellada” is a complete work, filled with beauty, grit and emotion. The Gazeta Wyborcza daily named it Album of the Year 2013.

1 am – 3 am Resident DJ: Filip na Bosaka


Saturday, 2 August

10 pm – 3 am 2MUCH, Mienta, Paszczak

2 MUCH is a young project that brings together two musically experienced members with strong ties to the Wrocław club scene. Spectribe and Spaso are a duo that appears only during special events. Nonetheless, they have extensive experience after playing parties and shows throughout Poland, and contributed to recognized music and visual projects. Each of their shows is a kind of surprise because you never know what they will play and how. Hip-hop, IDM, dubstep, electro, minimal – they mix all these genres to make a delicious unforgettable 2Much-cake.

Mienta is a DJ recognized on the Wrocław and Warsaw scenes. As part of the Dobry Wieczór collective he is an event organizer, a cinephile who also works on film sets and in the quiet of the television’s editing room. His style includes carefully curated cuts from well-known and avant-garde producers.

Focused on BASS music, Paszczak favors an eclectic approach to music; he selects energetic cuts while shuttling among musical genres. The element of surprise is the crown-jewel of his musical strategy. He never gets bored while playing and must often be careful not to damage nearby people and objects in the fervor of his musical combat. Paszczak is the founder of the FoxHole collective and organizer/promoter of the Kill da Chill event cycle.


Sunday, 3 August

10 pm – 2 am DJ Lisi

Born in Warsaw but living in Krakow, Marcin Lisiecki has been spinning and writing for over 10 years. His biggest success is his remix of Novika on the Mixfinder record, which won the Fryderyk 2012 (Album of the Year – Electronic Music). He mixes nu disco, electro funk, energetic mashups, as well as house classics. For a day job, he works as an acoustic engineer at the opera, at night he mixes, and remixes as DJ Lisi.

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