Festival chronicle
26 July 2014
Episode 1

The idea of The Unofficial New Horizon’s Chronicle, produced by Warsaw Film School, is to capture the festival’s events from a perspective of everyday life in Wrocław. Through interviews, events and unexpected interactions the film school students entangle festival’s themes in situations that are sometimes banal but end up being very suprising.

This year the youngest film crew on the festival consists of the directors: Ola Gębarska, Grant Blaisdell, the operators: Julia Mafalda, Dawid Bienias, and the editors: Filip Kołacz and Szymon Raczkiewicz.

Warsaw Film School is one of three film universities in Poland. It was founded by Maciej Ślesicki and Bogusław Linda ten years ago. Since 2013 it is joined with the very first polish Film High School, and after the summer holidays a post-secondary Film Study is starting. One of the most important events this year will be the opening of the former Kino Elektronik, which will be restored on the cultural map of Warsaw and Poland by the University this autumn.  


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