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Bistro Nowe Horyzonty


New Horizons Cinema, ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 19a-21

If you take in any of the films at the New Horizons Cinema during the Festival, you can also enjoy our extensive menu and free wifi during the breaks. Try our hot sandwiches, delicious quesadillas, and original salads (everything costs a mere 7 PLN!). In addition, we offer hot soups, fresh bread, hummus, healthy vegetables to snack on, and olives instead of chips. Everything is prepared on-site! Indulge in our cinema cuisine with a glass of good wine, a cup of aromatic coffee, or a tasty beer. We also offer freshly squeezed juices. The bistro will be open throughout the festival on the ground floor and on the second floor. On the ground floor, we also have a cafe with ice cream, delicious cakes, and coffee.


Cafe-clubs and cafes



Św. Antoniego 2-4


 Located in Wrocław’s Pokoyhof building, club-gallery Szajba is a space for insomniacs and for young creative types. Szajba is filled with dazzling colors, combining them with old-fashioned equipment and furniture that have their own stories to tell. Together, they create an artistic harmony. It is an open space for all sorts of creative activities. It is open as a cafe from the early hours of the morning, serving breakfast, coffee, homemade cakes, and lunch. In the evening, Szajba transforms into a large cultural space, with exhibitions, concerts, film screenings, and all-night disco parties.

Menu: breakfast from 12 to 18 PLN; sandwiches / salads / tortillas – prices from 10 to 20 PLN; coffee from 6 to 15 PLN; other beverages from 5 to 12 PLN

Festival offer:

Szajba has prepared a special drink for festival-goers, the Hibiskus Sour, which contains original Hibiscus vodka, lemon juice, and creole bitters. For festival-goers who present a ticket or a pass, this marvel costs a mere 10 PLN.



Włodkowica 5


This is a friendly place with hints of a bygone era. The establishment is decorated in an old-fashioned style, where every table and chair has its own story to tell. It is a great place to get together with friends or to relax by yourself over a beer or a cup of coffee. There are also plenty of cultural events on offer, including theatrical performances, intimate concerts, and film screenings.

Menu: coffee / breakfast / hot snacks / mulled wine, honey / alcoholic beverages – prices from 10 to 20 PLN



Świętego Antoniego 40


This is a combination of a bistro where you can eat a decent lunch during the day and a bar that serves drinks in the evening. Karavan has a raw but stylish interior. One of its distinguishing features is its original floor, and it is also decorated with old furniture, modern lamps, and original paintings on the walls. KRVN bar is a cozy and atmospheric place near the center of Wrocław. With plenty of windows, patrons sitting inside can watch pedestrians pass by on ul. Świętego Antoniego or enjoy the beauty of the illuminated historic townhouses at night.

Menu: lunch / hot snacks / burgers / salads – prices from 10 do 30 PLN / wine list – prices from 7 PLN for a glass / drink bar – prices from 15 to 20 PLN / beer – from 6 to 10 PLN

Festival offer:

Especially for festival-goers, KRVN will offer an Italian Aperol Spritz to go in beautifully designed festival bottles at a cost of 13 PLN each, as well as a special festival burger for 20 PLN.



Świętego Antoniego 10


At first glance, this could easily be a coffee shop in Manhattan designed to serve customers who are constantly on the run, serving sandwiches made with bread baked on-site, bagels with every conceivable topping, awesome cakes, snacks, and coffee. It is a wonderful place for a business meeting or to get together with friends. Besides its excellent cuisine, Central Cafe offers a terrific atmosphere, service in four languages, and an opportunity to write something in the guest book on the wall.

Menu: bagels / breakfast / coffee / muffins prices from 10 to 30 PLN

Festival offer: There will be a special selection of delicious film-related bagels for those attending the T-Mobile New Horizons International Film Festival --> the typically Spanish Almodóvar and the exceptional American Woody Allen, for only 10 PLN!


Włodkowica 8a


The goal of this establishment is to make you think of a cozy, warm, and friendly home, where you can enjoy a coffee and a decent meal. In addition, it is meant to be a place to relax after work, to read a book, to surf the web, or simply to get together with friends, or, in the evening, to have fun in a club-like atmosphere. Our clients, like in the TV show Ally McBeal, should feel bad when they have to bypass this place during the day.

Menu: breakfast / lunch / burgers / sandwiches on bread rolls / hot-pots / sandwiches / beverages, prices from 5 to 25 PLN

Festival offer/price:

Bułka z masłem has prepared a special offer from festival-goers that they can either get to go in a paper bag or eat there. The offer includes a tasty sandwich (available in vegetarian and vegan options), fruit, a container of yoghurt and muesli, along with juice or milk. All of this will cost festival-goers a mere 15 PLN upon the presentation of a ticket or a pass.


Ofiar Oświęcimskich 17


You will not find Coca-Cola or any other commercial brands here. The walls are covered with posters and sketches of chickens. Lot Kury is ideal for anyone who is trying to get away from big brands and well-known corporations and who would like to try something new. The menu focuses on promoting local and noncommercial products. This club-cafe has a great atmosphere, an interesting interior, and delicious coffee.

Menu: breakfast / lunch / coffee / desserts, prices from 10 to 30 PLN

Festival offer/price:

Those attending the T-Mobile New Horizons International Film Festival who order any breakfast will get their choice of coffee or tea free of charge. Show your ticket and get free goodies!


Kazimierza Wielkiego 50


Nietota is meant to call to mind the golden age of Wrocław’s artistic cafes at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The name of the club comes from a plant found in the mountains that was used for witchcraft, and reputedly restored the user’s health or resulted in immortality. In this sense, Klub Nietota is meant to be a sort of panacea for the ills of a world that is in more and more of a rush all the time. It is a place for lively contact with culture. It refers back to the golden age of Wrocław’s artistic cafes and clubs that were frequented by painters, poets, musicians, and other creative types. It has some of the atmosphere of the young Polish state, and hints of its decadence. This is a place where you can relax and recover. The interior is the original work of Wrocław’s Michał Hrisulidis, a well-known film and theater set designer.

Menu: international beers, drinks, wine, snacks – 10 / 20 PLN

Festival offer/price:

The following offers are available for holders of Festival tickets or passes:

- coffee with soy milk and a butter croissant for 8 PLN

- Horizons lemonade, available in two different versions: without alcohol for 5 PLN and with alcohol for 8 PLN

- Horizons buckwheat pancakes, available in three versions: vegetarian / with meat / sweet, for only 10 PLN

Nietota is worth a visit!



Włodkowica 9


Cocofli is an original cafe and wine bar. We squatted in the very heart of Wrocław’s Mutual Respect District, as if destiny itself had determined our mission, which is, in fact, fostering respect for multiculturalism, for the multiplicity and diversity of human thoughts, longings, and aspirations. Cocofli came about as a place for inspiring meetings, exhibitions, and intimate concerts. If that were not enough, we also have awesome cakes! And we also have excellent coffee that is brewed in a variety of ways, a special selection of wines, and a large selection of reading material.

menu: coffee – prices around 10 PLN, snacks - around 10 PLN, wine - around 50 PLN a bottle

Festival offer: Cocofli has a number of New Horizons specials available:

Red Eye: diabolically strong coffee! Drip coffee reinforced with a classic espresso. Caffeine bomb! This is especially for those who would like to make it all the way through to the last screening. Price: 15 PLN

Kir à la New Horizons: a cocktail that will expand your horizons! A carafe of white wine from the Gascoigne region of France, along with crème de cassis and fresh mint. An aperitif that is full of refreshing sweetness. It has a great effect on tired eyes. Price: 20 PLN

New Horizons tapas: the perfect snack for a screening! A quick but substantial snack: baguette, Israeli hummus, Balkan ajvar and Mediterranean tapenade. Perfect with a glass of chilled wine. Price: 12 PLN

Cocofli and the Entropia Museum (Rzeźnicza 4) also invite festival-goers to the exhibition "Past Horizons," based on film recordings of regular life – everyday and on holidays – captured on 8 and 16 mm film from the 1940s to the 1960s by two independent filmmakers: Włodzimierz Kałdowski (born in 1923) and Bolesław Głazowski (1913-1950). This is not cinema in the traditional understanding of the word, but rather an attempt to transfer film images into a multilayered space. The screening does not begin or end; the images intermingle, creating an evocative aura of their presence. Open from July 25 at 6:00 p.m. until August 2 at Entropia (Mon-Sun 1:00-7:00 p.m.) and from July 25 at 8:00 p.m. until August 3 at Cocofli (Mon-Thurs and Sun. 10:00 a.m.-midnight, Fri-Sat 10:00-2:00 a.m.).


Kotlarska 35-36


The most important points in this cafe are the coffee and the music. Vinyl Cafe offers excellent Brazilian coffee made by Moema and delicious cakes, snacks, and breakfast. Excellent meals are accompanied by various types of music, only on vinyl, which gives the cafe an original and unique atmosphere. There is also a resale shop available where guests can purchase a great number of timeless titles. The rules are simple. When visiting the Vinyl Cafe you can give away your vinyl, exchange it for other records or buy new ones for a price you negotiate with the owner.

Menu: coffee – prices from 5 to 15 PLN, other beverages (tea, ginger ale, juices) – prices from 7 to 13 PLN, cakes and hot snacks - around 10 PLN

Festival offer/price:

During breaks between the excellent films being screened, Vinyl Cafe invites guests to enjoy some great music and even better coffee. A New Horizons latte is available for 12 PLN!


ul. Ofiar Oświęcimskich 19


This establishment is open from early in the morning, and so you can get your day off to a good start here with a filling breakfast. The menu also includes set lunches, desserts, and a variety of aromatic coffees – so it might worth treating your palette to a French omelet with spinach and gorgonzola, for example, or a salad with ham, arugula, lettuce, and avocado and a honey-mustard dressing. You can also add some healthy energy to your diet with natural yoghurt and whole-wheat toast, or enjoy a sweet moment with a slice of butterscotch-and-nut cake.

Mamalu Cafe & Bistro also has something for the soul, as it is involved in the promotion of culture and art, with monthly exhibitions featuring well-known artists, and there is also a gallery for emerging artists. Mamalu is run by the Ottenbreit Foundation, which provides support for cultural and artistic activities.

Menu: various European breakfasts – around 15 PLN, lunch, salads – prices from 15 to 20 PLN, homemade baked goods, Italian coffee





Świętego Mikołaja 12


This restaurant was established after many years of culinary travels filled with inspiration and opportunities to learn about great new dishes and cooking styles and also to meet excellent chefs. Thus was born a passion and desire to share wonderful culinary experiences. Only the highest-quality ingredients are used. The restaurant features an elegant interior, which makes it a perfect choice for a business meeting or for a romantic dinner.

Menu: gluten- and lactose-free dishes available; fish / seafood – prices from 50 to 100 PLN for main courses / meat – prices from 45 to 65 PLN / salads / pasta – prices from 30 to 60 PLN; around 25 PLN for dessert / an extensive wine list

Festival offer:

Patrons with a T-Mobile New Horizons Festival pass or ticket can choose from coffee, tea, water, or a glass of wine or Prosecco, free of charge, when ordering a meal.


ul. Psie Budy 7/9


Here is an idea for a new burger. High-quality meat, a real bun, and the best condiments prepared in accordance with a home recipe. A taste that will take you back to your childhood, when food was prepared in a special atmosphere.

Menu: burgers - from 16 to 25 PLN / beverages – from 2 to 7 PLN

Festival offer/price:

A special festival burger meal is available for New Horizons festival-goers that includes an excellent Mediterranean Mediburger and soup for 25 PLN.



ul. Włodkowica 11


The restaurant’s patron, Hugon Steinhaus – an outstanding mathematician, astute observer, and a deep thinker and master orator – is a committed man, which is why Cafe & Restaurant Steinhaus aims to stand out on Wrocław’s culinary map. The restaurant’s greatest strengths are its excellent cuisine, unique atmosphere, and numerous cultural events. The cuisine is a unique combination of Polish, Jewish, and western Ukrainian dishes that, in the hands of our chef, are transformed into a rare and delightful collage of flavors.

Menu: Jewish / Polish / western Ukrainian cuisine, prices for starters from 10 to 20 PLN, main dishes from 20 to 60 PLN, desserts from 12 to 14 PLN

Festival offer:

T-Mobile New Horizons ticket holders will receive a glass of kosher wine, free of charge, when ordering a dish from the menu.

SUSHI CORNER (Fresh Corner)


ul. Włodkowica 12a


Sushi is a pleasure and a great experience, and Wrocław is an ideal place for such a Japanese adventure. Sushi Corner is an excellent choice both for companies and for individuals who love Japanese cuisine. Dishes are made from the freshest ingredients, and our chefs like to experiment with recipes in order to create the tastiest of dishes. In addition to offering delicious food, Fresh Corner also organizes culinary workshops for sushi lovers.

Menu: Japanese dishes / sushi; snacks from 10 to 25 PLN; sushi sets and main courses from 25 to 40 PLN

Festival offer/price:

Fresh Corner has also prepared a special offer for festival-goers: Bento sets made up of, for example, soup, a sushi set, salad, fruit, and hot Japanese delicacies. There will be a different but equally varies set every day. A special set costs 29 PLN upon presentation of a Festival ticket or pass.



ul. Włodkowica 9


The name of the restaurant is, in a certain sense, symbolic. The unusual La Maddalena archipelago is in the Mediterranean Sea between Italy’s Sardinia and France’s Corsica. And the islands of La Maddalena combine the wonderful cuisines of both nations, which are renowned for great food and lengthy feasts. La Maddalena tries to be faithful to both these passions every day. The restaurant’s interior is decorated with beautiful Provencal shutters and old-fashioned gates. The restaurant’s beautiful, romantic garden, surrounded by the ancient walls next to the White Stork Synagogue, deserves particular attention. This is one of the most magical meeting places for Wrocław’s residents. Dishes are prepared using natural and nutritious ingredients, which emphasizes the restaurant’s fresh, Mediterranean atmosphere.

Menu: Italian / French cuisine, prices from 15 PLN for starters up to 75 PLN for main courses, with desserts from 15 to 20 PLN

Festival offer/price:

Holders of a Festival ticket or pass can, during breaks between screenings, enjoy an exceptional, three-course Mediterranean lunch with mineral water for 34 PLN.


ul. Ofiar Oświęcimskich 19


A great alternative for vegans and vegetarians, Złe Mięso proves that vegetarian cuisine does not have to be boring. The menu offers burgers, hot dogs, and pasta with tasty, fresh, and healthy toppings. The interior also deserves some attention. At first glance, it is clear that the environment is important here. The colorful chandeliers have been fashioned out of artfully assembled crates, while the original bar top is made from EUR-pallets, as are some of the tables. The colorful, modern chairs also lend the interior some character.

Menu: vegetarian / vegan -->  pizza / burgers / tortillas / desserts, prices around 20 PLN for hot dishes, 10 PLN for desserts

Festival offer/price:

Złe Mięso offers all festival-goers a refreshing 0.5 l Club Mate, free of charge, with every meal order upon presenting a Festival pass.


ul. Ruska 19


Machina Organika’s mission is to serve fresh and healthy food. Every day, we offer one or two main courses, soup, cocktails, and a small selection of cakes that, in fact, are not really cakes since we do not offer dishes that include products of animal origin, with the exception of honey. The majority of our dishes are gluten-free, and none of them are deep-fried. The majority are based on organic fruit and vegetables. In addition, Machina Organika is a friend of the cultural community and a great place for intimate evening get-togethers. Machina Organika organizes film screenings, discussions about environmental subjects and healthy food, as well as photography exhibitions.

Menu: Organic / vegetarian / gluten-free cuisine / desserts / snacks, prices: main course + soup 26 PLN, dish of the day 20 PLN, soup of the day 10 PLN, snacks from 10 to 15 PLN, desserts from 3 to 10 PLN, breakfast around 10 PLN

Festival offer:

The team at Machina Organika has prepared special discounts for Festival fans: the dish of the day + soup for 24 PLN, the dish of the day for 17 PLN, and the soup of the day for 7 PLN. The organic and vegetarian delights are worth a try!

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