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The Floor: w moro po bułki


Lucyna Szierok, Piotr Zakrzewski, Łukasz Chojęta, Wojciech Dereń, Włodzimierz Chomiak

About the event

A performance created live on-screen by actors, animators, musicians, and visual artists. With a camera at the highest point above the stage, unexpected worlds come into being that would be difficult to see under traditional circumstances, with the camera on the floor. What we are doing is the next step in the creation of a new language of the theater. The first time we tried this was during last year’s Europe Live Game project, which featured artists from various European countries. We understood that the project did not have any language barriers – either for the audience or for the actors. That is why we decided to develop the idea into a full-scale performance.

The actors found inspiration in silent movies and comics. We had to master a specific way of moving that was hampered by the reverse effect of gravity. We had to relearn how to walk, bend, jump – just about every ordinary action caused us a lot of difficulty. The slippery flooring and our costumes helped with this. This type of game also has its pluses: the reversal of space allowed us to play freely with gravity, as our physical limitations disappeared. The first time someone leapt out on a broom, we knew that the "world of the floor" was only just beginning to open up for us.

The performance barely includes a couple dozen words and several short film snippets that make it easier to follow the characters and the science-fiction-style plot. It is easy to notice the references to Star Wars and to silent films (e.g., Metropolis). The action of the performance is set in Wrocław.

Teo Dumski, reżyser

Information about director

Cast & Crew

director: Teo Dumski
music: Maciej Zakrzewski
cast: Lucyna Szierok, Piotr Zakrzewski, Łukasz Chojęta, Wojciech Dereń, Włodzimierz Chomiak
language: Polish
colouration: colour
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