Kariera: "Drift" (Installation / Video)

July 24-August 3, 2014

New Horizons Cinema

The installation consists of the interior of an office/bathroom filled with objects made out of cardboard, such as a photocopier/washing machine, a fan, a potted fig tree, and a faucet. This, the latest music video by the band Kariera (Career) for their song Dryf (Drift), is the setting for a hypnotic story about a character who is dragged into the photocopier. The stop-motion story was filmed using entirely analog methods, with absolutely no computerized animation, alluding to the pre-digital esthetics of the 1960s and 1970s. Festival-goers will have an opportunity to see the installation, the video, and a making-of documentary on the mezzanine at New Horizons Cinema.

Prior to Dryf, Kariera had made three other videos for their songs Koniec wakacji (End of Summer), Manekiny (Mannequins), and Sekret (Secret) (which were screened at the 2014 Shortwaves festival, among other places). In July 2013, the band made another installation called Odtwarzacz miejski (Urban DVD Player) in the courtyard of the White Stork Synagogue.

Kariera consists of Maciej Markowski and Marcin Ożóg.

Maciej Markowski (born in 1976) plays a variety of instruments and is a programmer. He studied Mathematics at Wrocław University, and completed PSM II st. in Wrocław. He played in the band Małe Instrumenty (Little Instruments), and they recorded a full-length album together called Antonisz. He has also completed a number of other musical projects, including the performance Elektrownia Dźwięku (Power Station of Sound), which won a Toucan OFF award at the 29th Stage Song Contest. He is part of the band Kariera, which has recorded two albums: Miasto (City) and Kołysanki (Lullabies). He also performs with four amateur musicians in the ironic, experimental, pseudo-shanty band Shantharion. He makes music videos and also programs multimedia installations.

Marcin Ożóg (born in 1976) is a bassist and DJ who graduated from the double bass class at the Music Academy in Wrocław. He was a winner at the 7th Krzysztof Penderecki International Competition of Contemporary Chamber Music, and he is also a musician and actor at the Capitol Theater. He co-founded the band Robotobibok, with which he has recorded four albums, and he has also completed dozens of other musical projects. He is a musician, songwriter, composer, and singer, and he has also made music videos for the band Kariera. In his free time, he is a much-sought-after DJ.

Kariera: Drift (Installation / Video)
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