The Search for Emak Bakia dir. Oskar AlegríaThe Search for Emak Bakia dir. Oskar Alegría
Basque Films

in collaboration with San Sebastián IFF and San Sebastián the European Capital of Culture 2016

Asier and I / Asier ETA biok
by Amaia Merino, Aitor Merino, Spain / Ecuador 2013, 93’

When Asier joins ETA, Aitor, his best friend, cannot understand the reasons why. And he does not find out for the next eight years while Asier is in prison. Afterward, he starts looking for much-needed answers. Asier and I is a story about the steadfastness of character and conviction, as well as about a friendship that even a major political conflict cannot destroy.
knh 6 25.07, 22:00

The Basque Swastika / Una esvástica sobre el Bidasoa
by Alfonso Andrés, Javier Barajas
Spain / France / Austria 2013, 80’

When the Germans invade the territory of the Basque Country in 1940, they decide to turn it into a place for their soldiers to relax and entertain themselves. While murderous battles are taking place on the front lines, some members of the Nazi army take the opportunity to explore the culture of this exotic place. Their fascination allows the locals to avoid the nightmare of war – for a while.
knh 6 29.07, 10:00

by Aitor Arregi, Jose Mari Goenaga, Spain 2007, 89’

The story of a bricklayer who, after years of conducting anarchist activities against the governments of General Franco, became known as one of the most talented counterfeiters in Europe. He used this talent to swindle millions of dollars from the vaults of the largest banks in the world, which he used to finance anarchist activities. It is the story of a man who was always devoted to the task at hand, almost as much as he was to his family. knh 6 2.08, 10:00

The Search for Emak Bakia / Emak Bakia baita
by Oskar Alegría, Spain 2012, 83’

Is Emak Bakia a person, place, a tombstone epitaph, or maybe a house? In Basque, these cadenced words mean leave me alone; they are also the title of a mysterious and poetic Man Ray film shot in the area of Biarritz in 1926. Oskar Alegría can’t shake the film’s furtive beauty, so he sets off to Basque country armed with an archival photo and a cornucopia of ideas. knh 6 30.07, 10:00

Zuloak (Holes) / Zuloak
by Fermín Muguruza, Spain 2012, 105’

A journey through the music scene in the Basque Country accompanied by the girls from the band Zuloak. Their strengths are not just their beautiful bodies but also their Basque songs, their electro-rock sound, and their transgressive approach to reality. Their concerts are their greatest strength, as they infect others with their passion and inspire people to take on their own creative projects.

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