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The Case of Josephine H.
Przypadek Josephine H.
dir. Izabella Gustowska / Poland 2014 / 47’
subtitles: Polish only


Naomi Bell, Telma Bernardo, Annelise Bianchini, James K. Fulater

Film description

In Przypadek Josephine H. (The Case of Josephine H.), the figure of the artist, Edward Hopper’s wife and muse, comes to life, and is played by a number of contemporary women from New York. All of Josephine’s doubles are staged, directed, viewed, and recorded by Izabella Gustowka, who, at times, also plays the role of a particular double. The artist is looking for contemporary emanations of Josephine, trying to connect the past with the present. By playing out scenes from Hopper’s paintings and referring to fragments from Josephine’s diary, "truth and fiction are blurred, and a mystery and hidden choice remain for the recipient." Przypadek Josephine H. is the third part of Gustowska’s Strings of Time project (the others were Przypadek Edwarda H. (The Case of Edward H.), Przypadek Izy G. (The Case of Iza G.), and Hybrydy czasoprzestrzeni (Spacetime Hybrids)) from 2008.

Joanna Ostrowska

Information about director

Izabella Gustowska

Born in 1948. Lives and works in Poznań. Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań. Currently a professor at the Academy and in the Art Culture Institute WSP in Zielona Góra. 1970-78: a member of the Od Nowa group; 1979-91 run the ON Gallery; 1991-94 coorganized the ON Gallery. Represented Poland at the Biennale: in 1983, 1987 in Sao Paolo, and in 1988 in Venice. Works in painting, graphic, installation, videoinstallation and videoperformance. Her work concerns the relations between women, individual emotions, passing and vanishing, identity, existing and non-existing, dream and reality.


2014 Przypadek Josephine H. / Josephine H. Case

Cast & Crew

director: Izabella Gustowska
screenplay: Izabella Gustowska (based on a book: Gail Levin, Edward Hopper. An Intimate Biography – fragments of Josephine Hopper’s diary)
cinematography: Yunus Shahul, Carlos Amaral Baptista, Izabella Gustowska
editing: Adam Drabner
music: Patryk Lichota
cast: Naomi Bell, Telma Bernardo, Annelise Bianchini, James K. Fulater
producer: Maira Shakhanowa, Muriel Moraes, Keren Seol
sales: Izabella Gustowska
language: English
colouration: colour
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