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’Til Madness Do Us Part
Feng ai
dir. Wang Bing / Hong Kong, France, Japan 2013 / 229’
subtitles: Polish and English

Film description

The films of Wang Bing, the most important representative of the Chinese New Documentary Movement, are imbued with sensitivity and an unusual sense of observation. The director shows abrupt and often dramatic changes in 21st century China. He avoids political correctness and disdains the government propaganda of success. Here, his camera records a psychiatric hospital ward in the southern province of Yunnan. It is a place crammed with dangerous criminals, murderers, rapists, alcoholics, schizophrenics as well as simply outsiders not accepted by their local communities. The result of the experiment – the director spent several months as a “regular” patient – is a terrifying four-hour log of life in the hospital microcosmos, a metaphor for the functioning of an oppressive state. Dark rooms, endless corridors, bars in the windows, dirt, stink, poverty, lengthy sentences – prison conditions have nothing in common with therapy whatsoever. An alternative world coalesces in this crazy enclosure, one that is free from external norms - and more real.

Agnieszka Szeffel

Information about director

Wang Bing

Director and producer Wang Bing is the best-known member of the New Documentary Movement, which has been developing in China since the early 1990s, is an acute observer of the abrupt changes in Chinese society. Born in 1967 in Shaanxi, he graduated from the Beijing Film Academy in 1996 and founded Wang Bing Studios. In 2003, he debuted with the nine-hour epic Te Xi Qu: The West of Tracks, which received many awards at Western film festivals. It tells about the de-industrialization of the "pride of the Chinese socialist economy” the Tiexi district. His film Fengming, a Chinese Memoir premiered in Cannes, and his Crude Oil premiered in Rotterdam. New Horizons audiences enjoyed his The Ditch during the 2011 festival.

Selected filmography

2003 Tiexi qu / Tie Xi Qu: The West of Tracks (doc.)

2007 He Fengming / Fengming: A Chinese Memoir (doc.)

2008 Caiyou riji / Crude Oil (doc.)

2009 Wu ming zhe / Man with No Name (doc.)

2010 Rów / Jiabiangou / The Ditch

Cast & Crew

director: Wang Bing
cinematography: Wang Bing, Liu Xianhui
editing: Adam Kerby, Wang Bing
sound: Zhang Mu
producer: Louise Prince, Wang Bing, Miyuki Takei
production: Y Production, Moviola
sales: Y Production
language: Mandarin
colouration: colour
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