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Another Year
Yeshche odin god
dir. Oksana Bychkova / Russia 2014 / 107’
subtitles: Polish and English


Aleksey Filimonov, Nadya Lumpova

Film description

The protagonists of Another Year are Igor and Zhenya, a married couple who share passionate feelings for one another but whose social status stands between them. He drives a taxi, while she has a fashionable job in a modern corporation. Whenever the camera is on Igor, an entire cross-section of Russian society is portrayed: the haughty bourgeoisie, eternally dissatisfied oligarchs, and the working class, trying to scrape together every penny they can. This is old Russia, whose image still lingers in the consciousness of European viewers. When the camera is on Zhenya, on the other hand, we have an opportunity to see the new Russia, represented by young people following Western fashions, listening to American music, drinking expensive alcohol, and using drugs. These two worlds appear to be irreconcilable. Another Year is like an X-ray of the characters’ feelings: their insecurities, complexes, confusion, and weaknesses. The director manages to capture a vulnerable point in their lives when they have to choose between the monotonous stability of a relationship and the emotions of loneliness.  

Artur Zaborski

Information about director

Oksana Bychkova

Born in 1972 in the city of Donetsk in the Soviet Union (now Ukraine), Oskana Bychkova completed her journalism studies in Rostov in 1995. She spent five years working as a journalist at a Russian radio station. In 2000, she started a course in film direction. She made her directorial debut in 2005 with the film Radio Piter FM (which won the debut award in Vyborg), in which she was able to make use of her experience working in radio. Another Year is her third feature-length film.


2006 Radio Piter FM

2008 Plus jeden / Plyus odin / Plus one 

2010 Cherchill (serial TV)

2011 Choinki 2 / Yolki 2 / Christmas Trees 2

2014 Ten ostatni rok / Yeshche odin god / Another Year

Cast & Crew

director: Oksana Bychkova
screenplay: Natalya Meshchaninova, Lubov Mulmenko
cinematography: Kirill Bobrov
editing: Ivan Lebedev
sound: Vladimir Golovnitskiy
cast: Aleksey Filimonov, Nadya Lumpova
producer: Mikhail Rozentsveyg, Arnold Tatarintsev, Nikolay Borodachev, Vasiliy Shilnikov
production: Gosfilmofond of Russia, Multiland
sales: Antipode Sales & Distribution
language: Russian
colouration: colour
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