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The New Species, Astigmatism, Strange Wonderful, Seams and Embers, The Little Red Paper Ship, Mushroom Monster
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Films for children - Matinee 4 (children from 6)
subtitles: Polish and English
The New Species
Nový druh
Czech Republik 2013 / 7’
director: Kateřina Karhánková
screenplay: Kateřina Karhánková
editing: Blanka Klímová
music: Ivan Doležálek
animation: Kateřina Karhánková
producer: Tereza Papalová
production: FAMU
sales: FAMU Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague
language: no dialogue
colouration: colour

While on their way to school, three children find a mysterious bone. Is it part of the skeleton of some ordinary animal? Certainly not. The children try to get some adults interested, but neither their teacher, nor their mothers, nor even a dinosaur expert is interested in their find. The bone is returned to where they found it, and the discouraged children go on their way. If only they knew what was hiding underground ... A simple, evocative story about the power and importance of a child’s imagination.

Spain 2013 / 4’
director: Nicolai Troshinsky
screenplay: Nicolai Troshinsky
music: Shogun Kunitoki
animation: Nicolai Troshinsky
producer: Nicolai Troshinsky
sales: Nicolai Troshinsky
colouration: b&w

When a dark-haired boy loses his glasses, he also loses his ability to see clearly. However, the boy gains a lot more. The world becomes a tangle of sounds that become more expressive and images that lose their contours. Troshinsky’s animated film is dreamlike, full of voices, strange characters, and unusual associations. It is also a specific type of visual experiment, an optical challenge: the constantly changing sharpness hypnotizes the audience and does not allow them to relax.

Strange Wonderful
USA 2013 / 4'30’
director: Stephanie Swart
screenplay: Stephanie Swart
music: Quiet American
animation: Stephanie Swart
producer: Stephanie Swart
sales: Stephanie Swart
colouration: colour

This little monster, a very strange creature indeed, is different from all the other children in the school. And she is only too well aware of this. At times, she would like to cut herself off from this world that, for the other children, is familiar and ordinary but, for her, is foreign and incomprehensible. In her flickering, sometimes disturbing animation, filmmaker Stephanie Swart shows that there are often two sides to "otherness": if someone seems strange to us, we probably seem the same way to them.

Seams and Embers
Great Britain 2012 / 6’
director: Claire Lamond
screenplay: Claire Lamond
animation: Claire Lamond
cast: (voices) John Kane, Linda Lawrence, Alistair Moore, Richard Thomson, Tom Young
producer: Claire Lamond
sales: Claire Lamond
colouration: colour

Scotland in the 1940s. A young man begins working at a mine. He prepares for his shift and then goes underground. In the background, we hear reports from miners who spent their best years working in the mines only to live through their closure in the 1980s. Claire Lamond has made a beautiful tribute to the ethos of the miners – both Scottish and English – that was once so strong, and is now lost forever. This is a classic stop-motion animation, noble in its simplicity and rawness, with a surprisingly refined form.

The Little Red Paper Ship
Germany, Poland 2013 / 13’
director: Aleksandra Zaręba
screenplay: Aleksandra Zaręba
editing: David Henning
music: Paweł Mykietyn, Tomasz Januchta
animation: Aleksandra Zaręba
producer: Lena Vurma
production: Dragonfly
sales: Marek Rudnicki
colouration: colour

On a sun-bathed beach, a young girl makes a little ship out of red paper and sends it out to sea on the waves. The little ship finds a huge world out there, where it admires sailboats that are huge in comparison, looks with envy at the birds, battles storm winds, and, along with the sea creatures, travels through the depths of the ocean. This is a poetic story about the fact that everyone, no matter how small and fragile, can find the courage to fulfill their biggest dreams.

Mushroom Monster
Norway 2013 / 6’
director: Aleksander Leines Nordaas
screenplay: Aleksander Leines Nordaas
editing: Aleksander Leines Nordaas
music: Raymond Enoksen
animation: Atle Mæland
producer: Bendik Heggen Strønstad
production: Yesbox Productions
sales: Norwegian Film Institute
colouration: colour

In a remote corner of the forest, on a little island in the middle of a marshy pond, grows a giant mushroom, a mushroom that the Mushroom Monster could only dream of. It can have it whenever it wants to – all it has to do is make it to the island. But how is that possible with shark fins disturbing the surface of the water? With the great mushroom being too big a temptation to abandon, the Mushroom Monster thinks up various strategies. When he finally decides to act, he is surprised by the reality of the situation. This humorous film combines both computer- and hand-drawn animation.

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