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L for Leisure
dir. Lev Kalman, Whitney Horn / USA 2014 / 73’
subtitles: Polish only


Marianna McClellan, Bro Estes, Trevor Haav, Libby Gery, Kyle Williams, Mati Diop producent: Lev Kalman, Whitney Horn

Film description

The most hipster film in the festival. Inspired by adolescent TV series of the 1990s, the New York-based creators have made a tribute to the era in which they grew up. In doing so, they have provided an answer to the question, What would the stars of Beverly Hills 90210 be doing if they had spent their sleepless nights engaged in academic discussion instead of worrying about their hairstyles? Between naps and bottles of wine, a group of students discuss First World problems. They pontificate about race wars and Hiroshima over ice cream, and lying on the grass, they dream of a world in which dogs create a technological civilization. From a series of loosely related episodes – at times comic, at times cause for consternation – emerges praise for laziness and a contradictory portrait of Generation X. L for Leisure combines the spontaneity of home movies and abstract humor with an awareness of style. The postcard-like shots would be big winners on Instagram, and Atkinson’s electronic music will provide the background for many a summer escapade. "But I am mellow," repeat the characters over and over. Audiences will feel the same way.

Mariusz Mikliński

Information about director

Lev Kalman, Whitney Horn

Whitney Horn and Lev Kalman are duo of self-taught directors from New York. They shot their first films using Soviet-era Krasnogorsk cameras that Horn got from her uncle. Their medium-length film, Blondes in the Jungle, a satire about a group of teens looking for the fountain of youth in Honduras, was recognized as the best feature film at the Chicago Underground Film Festival in 2010. Kalman and Horn run their own film studio called Special Affects Films.


2006 Jazz Christmass (short)

2010 Blondes in the Jungle

2014 L for Leisure

Cast & Crew

director: Lev Kalman, Whitney Horn
screenplay: Lev Kalman, Whitney Horn
cinematography: Whitney Horn
editing: Lev Kalman, Whitney Horn
music: John Atkinson
cast: Marianna McClellan, Bro Estes, Trevor Haav, Libby Gery, Kyle Williams, Mati Diop producent: Lev Kalman, Whitney Horn
producer: Lev Kalman, Whitney Horn
production: Special Affects Films
sales: Special Affects Films
language: English
colouration: colour
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