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29th July, 18:45
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Images of Wrocław
Kadry Wrocławia

About the event

Images of Wrocław is a three-part review of documentary films about Wrocław. The program will include films of Wrocław beginning with the times of the Festung Breslau and concluding with propaganda documentaries from the PRL and later productions. 

Part I

Fragments about Wrocław from the Polish Film Chronicle (PKF) from 1945-65. Here viewers will be able to see a panorama of the smoking ruins of Wrocław, the beginnings of the Polish administration, the deportation of the German population, the reconstruction of the city, and futuristic plans for the city’s development. This part will include the following PKF fragments: 12/45, 10/46, 41/46, 44/47, 17/49, 44/52, 19B/65, as well as W dziesięciolecie wyzwolenia (In the Decade of Liberation), a special edition made by Ludwik Perski in 1955.

Part II

Nasz Wrocław (Our Wrocław), directed by Bogusław Rybczyński, Poland, 1975, 37'

Commissioned by the Wrocław city authorities, this film shows the history of the city from the last accords of the Festung Breslau up until the mid-1970s. We will see battles for the city during World War II, its ruins, and its reconstruction (with archival materials from film chronicles). Next, we will take a look at the city’s cultural life, its postwar industrial development, and idyllic scenes from city streets, discos, and other attractions of that era. The finale will show a bird’s-eye panorama of the city.

Part III

A selection of award-winning films from the short-film competition about Wrocław Kręci cię Wrocław? Kręć Wrocław (Excited About Wrocław? Film Wrocław) (www.krecwroclaw.pl). The program will include the winning films from 2011 through 2013.

Following the screenings, everyone is invited to a reception with the filmmakers.


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