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Deep Love
dir. Jan P. Matuszyński / Poland 2014 / 84’
subtitles: English


Cracow FF 2014 - Silver Hobby-Horse of Cracow; Moscow Intenational Film Festival - Silver George

Film description

The natural environment for Janusz, the main character in this film by Jan P. Matuszyński, is water. Before suffering a stroke, he was a diver. "It’s both work and pleasure," he would say. Now he can no longer say anything. He has lost his ability to speak, and his motor coordination does not allow him to enter the water. Despite this, and despite the prohibitions from doctors, Janusz decides to return to his favorite sport. If he is ever to experience joy in this life again, it will be when he once again straps an oxygen tank to his back and plunges into the depths of the sea. The documentary Deep Love is a double victory for Jan P. Matuszyński. The filmmaker not only found a fantastic figure who fully deserves to be the subject of a film, but he was also able to raise sufficient funds to allow him to tell Janusz’s story. The film is free of the easy sentimentality that has characterized similar productions. It is filled with vitality, the will to fight, the desire to fulfill one’s dreams. After watching this movie, you will want to live.

Artur Zaborski

Information about director

Jan P. Matuszyński

Jan P. Matuszyński was born in 1984. The director of short films, music videos and commercials. Graduated from the Film Directing Department of Krzysztof Kieslowski Radio and Television Faculty University of Silesia in Katowice and a Documentary Course in Wajda School. His films have been screened and awarded in numerous festivals in Poland and abroad.

Selected filmography

2007 Myjnia / The Carwash (short)

2008 Wiem, kto to zrobił / I Know Who Did It (short)

2009 Afterparty (short)

2011 Niebo / Heaven (doc.)

2012 Offline (short)

Cast & Crew

director: Jan P. Matuszyński
screenplay: Jan P. Matuszyński
cinematography: Kacper Fertacz
editing: Przemysław Chruścielewski
music: Atanas Valkov
producer: Izabela Łopuch, Marta Łachacz, Anna Wydra
production: HBO Europe, Cor Leonis Production, Otter Films
sales: New Europe Film Sales
awards: Cracow FF 2014 - Silver Hobby-Horse of Cracow; Moscow Intenational Film Festival - Silver George
language: Polish
colouration: colour
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