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In Search of The Lost Landscape
W poszukiwaniu utraconego krajobrazu
dir. Leo Kantor / Poland 2014 / 39’
subtitles: English


Leo Kantor

Film description

An illustrated history of the Jews of Lower Silesia. Publicist and director Leo Kantor tells, in a personal manner, the story of a community that created things, built things, and fought for survival in order to share the fate of Atlantis, to disappear, to become a legend. His words are accompanied by archival photographs. W poszukiwaniu utraconego krajobrazu (In Search of The Lost Landscape) develops some of the themes from his last film, Tam, gdzie rosną porzeczki (Redcurrants).

Piotr Mirski

Information about director

Leo Kantor

Leo Kantor was born in 1940. He studied Russian Philology and taught at the Pedagogical University of Opole. He later worked at Stockholm University. He organizes seminars on subjects related to the Holocaust and human rights. He has directed two documentary films – W poszukiwaniu utraconego krajobrazu (In Search of a Lost Landscape) and Tam, gdzie rosną porzeczki (Where Currants Grow) – that discuss the fate of Polish Jews. He was awarded the Medal of Merit for Polish Culture and the Knight's Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland.


2011 Tam, gdzie rosną porzeczki / Redcurrants (doc. short)

2014 W poszukiwaniu utraconego krajobrazu / In Search of the Lost Landscape (doc. short)

Cast & Crew

director: Leo Kantor
screenplay: Leo Kantor
cinematography: Jacek Knopp, Artur Lukaszewicz, Grzegorz Hawałej
editing: Grzegorz Mazur
music: Przemysław Książek
cast: Leo Kantor
producer: Leo Kantor, Andrzej Stachecki
production: V-Film Andrzej Stachecki, Kulturforum
sales: V-Film
language: Polish
colouration: colour & b&w
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