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dir. John Curran / Australia 2013 / 112’
subtitles: Polish only


Mia Wasikowska, Adam Driver, Emma Booth

Film description

In Tracks, the character played byMia Wasikowska has to battle the elements, and the stakes are high. She believes that finding meaning in her life depends on her ability to cross a 2700 km section of desert in western Australia. Her only companions are her loyal dog and a pack of camels. Thanks to them and the immense, monotonous landscape, she becomes aware of what loneliness really is and learns answers to the question of the place of humans in a world so well organized by nature. The director is mainly interested in individuals’ confrontation with their own weaknesses and their lack of faith in their own possibilities. Full of unusual experiences, the journey allows the protagonist to discover both the beauty and the threat of her stunning natural surroundings (beautifully captured by Mandy Walker). The most valuable part of the trip, however, is something else: getting to know herself. John Curran’s intimate film is a tribute to perseverance and courage.

Artur Zaborski

Information about director

John Curran

Born in 1960 in New York, John Curran is a director and a graduate of Syracuse University, where he studied graphic design, a profession he worked in until 1986, when he moved to Sydney, which is where he took up film direction. Having made his start in television commercials, he directed his first film, Praise, in 1998, which garnered him awards in both Australia and Canada. His best-known films are We Don’t Live Here Anymore and The Painted Veil, starring Edward Norton.


1998 Praise

2004 Już tu nie mieszkamy / We Don’t Live Here Anymore

2006 Malowany welon / The Painted Veil

2010 Stone

2013 Ścieżki / Tracks

Cast & Crew

director: John Curran
screenplay: Marion Nelson, Robyn Davidson (novel)
cinematography: Mandy Walker
editing: Alexandre de Franceschi
music: Garth Stevenson
cast: Mia Wasikowska, Adam Driver, Emma Booth
producer: Emile Sherman, Iain Canning
production: See-Saw Films
sales: HanWay Films
language: English
colouration: colour
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