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22 July 2014
Jan Topolski’s Top 10

In this section, organizers of the 14th T-Mobile New Horizons IFF recommend can’t miss titles. Below you’ll find the Top 10 as selected by Jan Topolski, programmer and curator of the Midnight Madness - VHS and New Horizons of Film Language - special effects sections.


1. White Shadow - an unusually engaging and innovative form as a vehicle for a shocking story: Africa rediscovered, beyond stereotypes.

2. Canopy - for the trip to the heart of darkness and a survival thriller outside time, outside the world: one man, one jungle, one trip, but how engaging!

3. 15 Corners of the World  - a poetic and artistic documentary about carving sound out of nothing, about music of the past and the people who edit it on tape

4. L for Leisure  - a wonderful summer relaxation in a hammock slung between the 80s, lo-fi, today’s hipsters and musical retro-mania

5. Manakamana – the lulling rhythm of a cable-car going up and down to a Buddhist chapel in an anthropological documentary without voiceover

6. I’m Not Him - yet another Turkish director wrestles with Russian literature; again Dostoyevsky, again minimalism, this time sprinkled with very subtle humor

7. White God Free Fall - long-awaited films from two vintage New Horizons directors: Pálfi and Mundruczó

8. Video Diary of a Lost Girl  - a nostalgic but also rebellious return to the VHS era; camp and punk in psychedelic hues

9. The Fabulous World of Jules Verne  - a wonderful old-style homage to the tricks of early silent cinema in a tour de force of Czech animation

10. The Music Lovers  + Mahler + Lisztomania - a trilogy of biopics about composers under the brand name of visionary Ken Russell - not just for lovers of classical music.

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