The Filmballad of Mamadada dir. C. Guan, L. BensonThe Filmballad of Mamadada dir. C. Guan, L. Benson
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07 June 2014
14th T-Mobile NH (International Competition Films on Art): "The Filmballad of Mamadada"

"The older I get, the higher I fly,” said Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven. After many failed relationships and three marriages, and despite the title in front of her name, she landed in New York, penniless, where she was to end up behind bars for parading down the street in men’s clothing: the Baroness was a Dadaist and provocateur, and 20th-century America a bastion of conservatism. The German poet and feminist shocked not only the locals but also progressive circles. Publishers would not accept her obscene poems and excluded them from anthologies of avant-garde poetry. It seems that she may have been the one who gave Marcel Duchamp the porcelain urinal that was later to become a fountain. She was forgotten in the end, and her work was included among that of her male peers. In 2012, Cassandra Guan and Lily Benson convinced their artist friends to make a film about the life and work of the Baroness. The result was a wild creation with unpredictable narration that develops like some sort of surreal "exquisite corpse,” a historical figure seen through the lens of contemporary feminism. (Ewa Szabłowska)

Lily Benson

A multimedia artist residing in both Sweden and the United States. She does animation, performance art, drawings, and musical arrangements. She is interested in feminist pop culture.

Cassandra Guan

Based in New York, she focuses on film as a means of expression. By means of experimental narratives, she recovers forgotten individuals and events pushed from mainstream history. She is interested in complexity and the potential of complex performances.

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