The Creator of the Jungle dir. Jordi MoratóThe Creator of the Jungle dir. Jordi Morató
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10 April 2014
14th T-Mobile NH (International Competition Films on Art): "The Creator of the Jungle"

Not far from Barcelona, there lives a folk artist known as "Garrell" or "Tarzan of Argelaguer," who, for more than 40 years, has been building complex structures in the forest made out of wood, metal, and stone. These large structures – something between sculpture, installation, and architecture – fit in with the surrounding forest environment, creating a fairytale world that Garrell calls "the jungle." Jordi Morató portrays his protagonist as a visionary protesting against civilization, a modern savage, an outsider struggling with a legal system that thinks that art belongs only in museums, and an artist in the frenzy of creation. In addition to contemporary material, the director also made use of amateur films recorded in the 1980s by Garrell’s adolescent neighbor and documents from an American art historian from the turn of the century. These archives fulfill a specific role here and are not just a typical illustration of the passage of time. "The jungle" is a dynamic creation, a work-in-progress that is constantly altering its form and function, while Garrell is an artist engulfed in a mania of creativity, as well as destruction, and his life’s work frequently burns to the ground. (Ewa Szabłowska, curator)

Jordi Morató is a graduate of the department of audiovisual communication at the prestigious Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona and FUC in Buenos Aires. The Creator of the Jungle was his graduation film and is his feature-length debut. As a student, he made short films and also worked as a cameraman and editor.

Filmography: 2012 Camí de terra (short), 2014 Twórca dżungli / Sobre la marxa / The Creator of the Jungle

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