Dial M for Murder dir. Alfred HitchcockDial M for Murder dir. Alfred Hitchcock
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02 April 2014
14th T-Mobile NH (New Horizons of Film Language - Special Effects): "Dial M for Murder" 3D

The subject of the sixth edition of this section, at the 14th edition of the festival, will be special effects: together with specialists from the world-famous Polish studio Platige Image, we will watch high-budget blockbusters alongside innovative films made with minimum funds. Topics covered will include rear projection/blue screen, the history and practice of 3D, and computer morphing and rendering.

Dial M for Murder 3D by Alfred Hitchcock

This somewhat lesser-known thriller by the great Alfred Hitchcock was made during a short-lived explosion in 3D cinema that occurred in the first half of the 1950s. And although it was appearing on screen at the very moment when the 3D fashion was coming to an end – as a result, many cinemas showed the standard-format version – it appears, in retrospect, to be an example of intelligent use of 3D. Adapted from the popular play by Frederick Knott – a morality play about a greedy husband who plans to murder his unfaithful wife – nearly all the action takes place in just one apartment. Instead of attacking the audience from countless directions, Hitchcock makes a subtle attempt to draw viewers into the center of events. He fills the foreground with mountains of objects – cups, telephones, boxes, vases, scissors, and statues – which vexes our perception while, at the same time, building a sense of depth. He carefully sketches out the place where the action is going to occur and then choreographs the crime that is to take place there. (Piotr Mirski)

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