25 July 2014
Audience Poll

All festival-goers are invited to take part in the audience poll featuring films from the New Horizons International Competition. On entering a screening, each person will receive a flyer featuring a unique code, the title of the chosen film, as well as the screening hour and room. The code printed on the flyer serves to identify the vote and may be used only once. Votes may be cast up to 12 hours after the hour of the screening (the voting code is valid for 12 hours). Films are rated on a 1-6 scale (6 – highest rating, 1 – lowest rating).

Voting via www.nowehoryzonty.pl

You may also rate films via the website, including on all computers used for seat reservations, by clicking the “Vote” button. Enter the unique flyer code in the popup window and then fill in your film rating(s) in the appropriate boxes.

Voting via the T-Mobile New Horizons mobile application

To vote through the application, choose “social” and in the box marked “voting” enter the flyer code.

Voting via SMS

In order to vote for a given film via SMS (free of charge), send the film code and your rating to 8092. To rate a film at 4 points, send a message with ”XYZV.4” to 8092, where XYZV is the code found on the flyer handed out before the screening.

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