Reha ErdemReha Erdem
21 July 2014
Erdem, Palfi, Doillon, Girardet and Muller, Gitai, Archive and others – guests of the 14th TNH IFF

T-Mobile New Horizons is more than just film screenings; it also includes Q&A’s with festival guests after the screenings at Gazeta Cafe - dozens of filmmakers from around the world will visit Wrocław for the discussions held in the Hotel Puro courtyard.

Reha Erdem, one of the most interesting modern Turkish artists will present his latest film in Wroclaw entitled Singing Women and will meet with audiences during a master class held on July 26 at 3:45 PM at KNH 3. The festival repertoire also includes the director’s earlier films, Kosmos and Mommy, I’m Scared.

Wojciech Bąkowski, one of the most original and expressive modern Polish visual artists, who also works in video art, writes poetry, music, and performance art and who will be a juror of the Films about Art International Competition; his work will be available for review - you can see his films on July 28 at 4 PM at KNH5. You can also enjoy the art of the avant-garde artistic duo famed for their found footage technique: Christoph Girardet and Matthias Müller will be festival guests and jury members of the European Short Film Competition. A fabulous compilation of their films will be on view July 26 and 29th at 1 PM at KNH6.

Come out to meet one of the best Hungarian directors, György Pálfi, whose latest film, Free Fall, captured the best directing prize at the Karlove Vary film festival; the Q&A as part of Gazeta Cafe will be held on July 29 at 6 PM. Section curator Ariel Schweitzer of Cahiers du Cinéma and French director Jacques Doillon, author of two lauded films in the section (Touched in the Head and Family Life) will discuss the Post New Wave.

The festival is honored to host one of the best modern Israeli directors, Amos Gitai (his latest film, Ana Arabia, is screening in our repertoire), Adan Jodorowsky, son of the master of cinematic surrealism, Lou Ye, one of the most interesting modern Chinese directors (Q&A with the author of Suzhou and, his latest, Blind Massage at Gazeta Cafe on July 28 at 7 PM), American David Zellner (Kumiko), Belgian documentary and experimental filmmaker, Boris Lehman (My Seven Places), German actress Susanne Sachse (bold role in Pierrot Lunaire), representatives of the Greek New Wave (Michalis Konstantatos, Filippos Tsisos), Michael Bradsell, who is best known as Ken Russell’s editor (Mahler, The Devils), or filmmakers whose films are being shown in Third Eye: Communes - Jason Osder, Nadine Mundo, and Paul-Julien Robert.

Polish festival guests will include Anka and Wilhelm Sasnal (Parasite), Przemysław Wojcieszek (How to Disappear Completely), Marcin Dudziak (Calling), Karol Radziszewski (The Prince), Zuzanna Solakiewicz (15 Corners of the World), Grzegorz Jarzyna along with the cast of ”No Matter How Hard We Tried”, Jan P. Matuszyński (Deep Love) and Izabella Gustowska (juror and author of The Case of Josephine H.) Excellent Polish cinematographer Wojciech Staroń, who shot Witness Protection, as well as actress Agnieszka Podsiadlik, who stars in several premier projects such as How to Disappear CompletelyNo Matter How Hard We Tried, The Prince).

T-Mobile New Horizons guests will also include the authors of other films from the New Horizons International Competition and the Films About Art International Competition: Josephine Decker (Butter on the Latch), Noaz Deshe (White Shadow), Luis Miñarro (Falling Star), Peter Brunner (My Blind Heart), Lorenz Merz (Cherry Pie), Aaron Wilson (Canopy), Benjamin Naishtat (History of Fear), Marianne Pistone and Gilles Deroo (Mouton), Anna Odell (The Reunion), Jordi Morató (The Creator of the Jungle), Lily Benson and Cassandra Guan (Mamadada Filmballada), Tadgh O'Sullivan and Feargal Ward (Yximalloo), Julie Perron (The Sower).

The leading members of the British Archive group, Darius Keeler and Daniel Griffiths, will hold a Q&A with audiences after the screening of their Axiom, whileon July 28 at midnight in the Festival Club they will mix sounds from their latest album.

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